1. India trip – Why, How & When?

Hello all,

Philip and I, have been planning to go to India for a long time. After having an awesome yet challenging first half of 2018, we decided that going to India in 2019 would be ideal for us. As, it would give us time to settle down in our new home at Louisville, save money for our trip expenses, earn enough PTO’s/vacation time at work, and gather information to create a detailed itinerary for Philip’s first visit to India.

However, since god’s will overrides all our plans we are once again adapting our plans to meet the current situation. So, instead of going to India next year, we will be going to India…ASAP. The only thing that’s included in our itinerary of our trip for now would be to – spend time with Kali, make as many happy memories with her as possible, pray for her health to recover, hug her, kiss her, tell her how much we love her, need her and join in her fight against the odds of her survival given her acute/chronic illness.

Since, Philip is a US citizen and I am an Indian citizen, we are dealing with all the immigration stuff that’s involved for Philip to go to India and for me to come back to US with out any issues. Solving the immigration maze that Philip and I are currently stuck in is the only thing keeping us from hopping onto the next flight to Hyderabad, India.

Though Philip and I are desperate to be with Kali right this minute, we are taking comfort in the fact that she is surrounded by friends, family, love and has an army of people praying & supporting her.

“The day I earned Kali’s allegiance” – Philip! Sometime in December 2017, few days after Kali came to USA. Kali and Philip were getting to know each other. This photo captures the moment Philip won Kali’s trust and love. They were both eating a late night snack, and Kali was nervous that mom would walk in and she would get in trouble as mom is strict with her diet. Philip told Kali that he if mom asks, he would tell her that he ate both snacks so that she wouldn’t get in trouble. Kali was so moved and touched by Philip and ever since then their friendship, relationship and love keeps growing.




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