100. Enjoy the journey: good/bad included!!

Today, I went for a walk in the Cardinal Greenways in Richmond, Indiana.
During my long quiet walk in the trail, the beautiful flora and fauna of the nature fascinated me and yet at times I felt completely lonely and scared of the stillness of the nature around me. Every time, I felt scared or lonely I wondered if I should just turn around and walk on the same path I walked, instead of going ahead into uncertainty. However, I could not turn back, as the trial ahead was far more enticing to leave unexplored.
The bridge on the Cardinal Greenways Trial in Richmond, Indiana.

Therefore, I continued walking for a long time, until I passed by a bridge with a river flowing below. Looking at the old wooden bridge, listening to the sound of the water flowing below, absorbing the stillness of the tress, and watching the varied insects elegantly fly by the vibrant colored wild flowers, I could not help but be amazed. The beauty of this particular ‘space and time in the universe’ cannot be put in words.Had I given up my walk on the trial, the first time I felt scared of what might lie ahead, I would not have discovered this spot. This spot on the trial that effortlessly provided such pure serenity to my soul. In that serene moment, it hit me that my life and this trial were similar. My life is like this trial, where in I could continue exploring making choices that would lead me ahead or make choices to live the life I always knew.

The journey of my life is similar to walk in a trail: sometimes fascinating, sometimes scary, but always enchanting enough to make me choose to go ahead.

Enjoy the journey: no matter how good or bad it is, especially those journeys that are taken to fulfill your dreams.
PS: Thank you for reading my blogs posts!!
I just migrated my blog from blogger to WordPress and still trying to get a hang of WordPress. Bear with me as I educate myself with WordPress 101 !
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