99. 99th Blog Post!!

Hi,This is my 99th post of the ‘100 blog posts’, I planned to write this summer.When I first started this blog, I assumed it was going to be a cake walk for me to write one blog post a day. I have always been of the attitude that since I’ve been used to blogging for many years, I could easily manage this blog too. In reality, it has been tougher than I imagined.

The most difficult part of this project was to stick to my goal of writing one blog post per day.Some days, it was challenging to find time to put my thoughts to words and other days it was challenging to find one good topic to write about.

Every time, I look at this blog, it feels surreal that I did actually write 99 posts in the last 99 days. It was not an easy task, but I am glad I was able to accomplish it. This blog of mine, all the posts, the writing style or even the views expressed in it may not be perfect, But blogging for the last 99 days, I have learnt few things:

1. I might be over ambitious at times, but when I set to achieve something, I accomplish it.
2. I am not absolutely perfect but that’s OKAY.
3. Everyday brings a new lesson for me to learn and this is what makes life exciting!
4. Patience, perseverance and commitment are the three most important factors to reach my goals.
5. Do not ever give up on dreams.

I did my best to keep every blog post interesting by writing about: something positive/ lesson I learnt/ a recipe I invented/ useful resources. I hope you have found/find reading my blog useful and learn something new from it.


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