97. Be the best version of you!

A couple of months ago, Sru gifted me a Fitbit wristband. Fitbit band is a device that measures personal metrics like number of steps walked, quality of sleep, steps climbed, number of minutes spent working out and other such metrics.
Fitbit has great networking features to connect with friends who also use Fitbit, hence giving the opportunity to compare my data with others. The feature to compare the steps walked was one of the features I liked most in Fitbit, given the competitive person I am.
A few days ago, it occurred to me that I was motivating myself with all the wrong reasons in using my Fitbit device. I realized that the one person I was supposed to be in competition with, in meeting my fitness goals was I. It did not really matter, I walked more than my friends did or not on a given day. What, actually mattered was if I did meet my goals for a given day and if I pushed myself to do better than what I did in the past or not.
This attitude of trying to do better, than what I already did, I believe must be an attitude that I should apply in all other aspects of my life too. As, this attitude can lead me to become the best version of me.
After all, what can be the ultimate goal of anybody other than to be the best version of the person he/she can be.

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