95. Ask for HELP!

A couple of months ago, I set my student account in the Universities website. When I tried to access my account yesterday, I could not access it as I no longer remembered the password or user name.
After a couple of failed attempts, and trying my best to figure out what I might have set as a password I gave up. The help desk webpage suggested resetting my password by answering the security questions. I then realized that I also forgot the answers to the security questions. I thought my account would be forever locked, as there was no way for me to reset the password. I was greatly disappointed that I did not write down my account information (passwords/userid/other) in a book, as I usually do.
After a couple of hours, I decided to write my issue to the technical help-desk of the university. In less than 2 hours, I received a response from help-desk, instructing me on how to reset my password. After following their instructions, I was able to access my account again.
The most important lesson I learnt with this incident was to ask help. Instead of believing no one could help, asking for help is a good idea rather than concluding that the issue at hand is unsolvable. 
PS: It is most important to know for certain whether the person you want to seek help from is willing to help or not. If they are not, you are better off helping yourself.

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