94. Do Nothing!

Image source: Internet.

Sru today told me about the few Ted Talks she listened recently on how important it was to do nothing. I contemplated on what Sru said and wondered how my own mind always is multitasking no matter what I am working on. I listen to music whenever I am dish cleaning or watch news in mute while talking to my parents on phone. If I am not doing more than one activity at a given time, I feel I am wasting my time. Even when I am sitting idly, my mind seems to be multitasking: analyzing/planning/thinking about working on the various tasks I planned to complete.

Multitasking could be a good attribute to have in this highly competitive and ever evolving world. However, it is very important to be able to do nothing. Doing nothing, as in just appreciating the stillness of our surrounding could not only be a great relaxing technique but can also help us to get  better connected with our present moment.  And, when we are truly present in the present, only then can we be highly productive.
As Sru suggested, I need to learn to do nothing for at least a few minutes every day. So that when I am performing a task, I can focus on it and not a multitude of other thoughts in my head.

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