90. Nature lessons: Observe!!

The other day, I went for a walk in the Cardinal Greenways trail which is 62 miles long and one of the longest trial in Indiana.
 I love nature trials! I love walking too! Therefore, going on a walk on a nature trial is one of the top activities to do in my list of ‘feels good-feel relaxed’ activities. Surprisingly, the other day, I also got a lesson from nature during my walk (please see the pictures below).
Can you see the tiny black flowers?

On closer observation, I saw that each bunch of these white flowers had two black flowers in the center.

Tiny black flower in a bunch of tiny white flowers!

I felt, the differently colored flower in the center in a bunch of uniformly colored flowers, was nature’s way of telling that ‘It is not unnatural to not conform to the standards’. So, the next time I question myself of the unconventional decisions I have made in life, I will tell myself that I am like this black flower; unique in my own way, just the way God intended me to be.

Nature can offer great advice and lessons, if one is observant enough. Do you have any such incidents where in you learnt something from nature or observation? If so, please do share.

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