89. Love and control aren’t the same

Have you ever loved/love someone so much that you want to be in control of the choices they make in life, lest they make a wrong choice that might hurt them?
Probably most of us will say ‘YES’, to the above question. I would.
It has not been easy for me to learn that,’ loving someone and controlling someone are not the same and most often have a very thin line between them.’ It is important to recognize the difference between love and control; so that we do not hurt the people, we love by unintentionally controlling them. In addition, it is important to identify when others are controlling us in the name of love.
If you love someone, the best way to show your love for him or her is by placing your trust in him or her. Love someone you can trust, and once you love someone…never forget to trust those you love. Because love dies when doubt replaces trust and love becomes control.

P.S. : Everyone has the right to make their own choice-good or bad or stupid, and experience/learn from the choices they make. Do not ever take away the right to choose from anybody, no matter how much you love someone and want them to take the choice you think is right for them.


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