88. Greeting Strangers.

The other day, my sister and I went to Wal-Mart for grocery shopping. Usually, Sru (my sister) and I mind our own business and any communication we do with strangers that we pass by while shopping starts and ends with a smile.
So, yesterday at Wal-mart was no different until we saw an Asian guy(let’s call him Mr.A) shopping with his family; wife and two adorable kids. (I am an Asian too, if you do not already know. :D) Sru and I exchanged our usual courtesy smiles with this person and his family and were about to carry on our business. However, Mr.A was not done and asked us where we were from, etc and tried to strike up a conversation. It was just a 2-minute long conversation but I realized that it is a good thing to converse with strangers, when appropriate of course.  
After all, we are all strangers in the world until a conversation is initiated leading to a friendship. Even if the conversation leads to nowhere and ends up being a short-onetime-conversation, there is always something we learn from it. I am glad, Mr.A taught us something that day: ‘to be really courteous and not just greet people because you want to but because really you mean it’.
P.S.: On a random note, remember this: When people from a different continent are residing in a different continent, there is some sort of friendly connection already established. They are going through the same struggles and are missing some of the same things. Don’t forget(or avoid) to greet them!

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