87. Treat Yo’self : Strawberry glazed donut

Strawberry glazed Dunkin Donuts!
I love-love-LOVE strawberry glazed donut, preferably from Dunkin Donuts. However, every time I eat one, I have this feeling of tremendous guilt of consuming so many calories of unhealthy nutrition that does not necessarily help to attain my “Health Goals”.
When I got myself a couple of strawberry glazed donuts today, I told myself that I need not feel guilty for eating something I need not and it is okay to treat myself with things I like once in a while.
 I decided to treat myself with my favorite treat every time I accomplish a challenging task or reach a goal that I set for myself. Even in-case, I end up binge eating these donuts, I am not going to feel guilty because everyone needs to treat themselves every once in a while!
Do you have a comfort food of choice?! 

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