86. Moderation is the Key!


Even though I strongly believe in the saying, ‘Moderation is the key to life’, I rarely follow it.

Sru, always advises me that, I need to learn to balance my schedule and fill it with different activities instead of focusing on just one. Though I agree with her, I often end up working on something passionately/obsessively avoiding other things that also need to be done. For example: Avoiding breakfast/ lunch because the time spent eating could be spent on whatever activity I am working on that day.

Today, I was contemplating on my approach to life. I realized that if I learn to employ moderation in everything I do, it would actually help me to achieve more in a productive way.

I think moderation truly is very important to live a qualitative-productive-fulfilling life.

Do you believe moderation is the key to life too? Do you do things in moderation or are you planning to adopt this strategy?



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