84. Good friends are a treasure.


The last couple of days, Sru and I have been busy with shifting from our rented condo at Centerville, Indiana to our rented apartment in Richmond, Indiana. Sru and I lived in this condo for almost 2 and 1/2 years. Though it is a nice house in a very nice neighborhood, Sru decided that she wanted to move closer to her work place. I will be soon leaving to Louisville, Kentucky too and so we decided the apartment would be a better option for her.

Though Sru and I, planned quite a bit on how to pack and shift to make our  moving from condo to the apartment easier, the last few days have been overwhelming. No matter how much stuff we got done, there was still a lot left to do. On the final day of our move, Sru and I were totally exhausted from all the house-shifting-related-activities we had been doing over the week. Fortunately, our friends who drove all the way from Jasper, Indiana and Indianapolis, stepped in to help us with our move.

Watching them help or well should I say do most of the shifting for us, I wondered how lucky Sru and I are to have such great friends. Friends who help us even though we haven’t asked for help; just because they know our needs and want to do their best to fulfil them. I think, the true treasure one can find in life is to meet strangers who end up becoming great friends who in turn end up becoming your family though not related by blood/relationships.

Good friends are indeed a treasure. I wish for you that, your life is filled with such amazing people too.


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