79. True love has no constraints.


Today is Dad’s birthday! Sru, Mom and I, planned a surprise get together with friends and family for dad’s birthday. It was a good surprise for dad and everyone had a good time in the party.

It felt nice to know how Sru and I can still be a part of the activities done at home, even though we are almost 8,000 miles away. Though we certainly aren’t able to do all the things we want to, we are able to do certain things at least.

I believe the true blessing of life is to have true friends and family to share our happiness with!! Some times, we could be thousand of miles away from the friends and family we want to be with, yet we can always find a way to make memories together. True love is immune to the constraints of distance or time zone.

If you ever love some one, show it to them in the little things you do and say. Let distance nor time or any other constraints stop you from showing your love and concern for them.


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