75. Coincidence or the power of words?

Sru and I were spending our time at our friends (Mahesh and Mrudula) place over the weekend. Our friends decided to roast corn on the cob for dinner. As Mrudula and I were working in the kitchen inside the house, Mahesh was working on burning the charcoal in the backyard and Sru was helping him. 
After a while, I decided to go to the backyard to see how they were doing. For some reason, it took a long time for the charcoal to catch fire and burn. Eventually once it did, Mahesh started to roast the corn and I helped him with peeling the layers of the corn cob. As we were working, out of nowhere, I asked Mahesh what we would do if it started to rain as it would put off the charcoal fire. Mahesh looked up at the sky which was as clear as sky could be and said, ‘hope not’.
Burning charcoal.
Burning charcoal and rain.


As strange as it sounds, in less then 5 minutes it started to rain. Fortunately we were able to roast our corn before the rain put off the charcoal fire.
All of us then enjoyed our hot roasted corn watching the rain fall. The most surprising part of the whole incident was how something I said came true in a couple of minutes though the chances of it becoming a reality was rare.
That day I started to wonder, if this incident was just a coincidence or if the words we speak do actually have power.What do you think? Do you have any such incidents to share?!


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