73. 4th of July!


Teddy Abrams and Ben Sollee at Waterfront Orchestra

For the weekend of July 4th, Sru and I went to Louisville, KY. I got my apartment officially rented too. I am almost all ready to move to Louisville in August to start my PhD classes and research!

Sru and I spent our July 4th weekend at a public event in Louisville: Waterfront Orchestra organized by Thornthons a local gasoline company. Teddy Abrams a versatile musician conducted the event in which musicians like Ben Sollee, Jecorey Arthur and others performed too.

Waterfront Orchestra at Louisville, KY. 2015

I was really excited to attend this event for one it was free and if you know me, you know I love orchestra, crowds and people!! But the most amazing part of the whole event was to see Teddy Abrams perform for two hours without one dull moment in-spite of his arm brace.

Passionate people are so very inspiring! Needless to say, watching Teddy Abrams perform that day was inspiring. And to imagine the number of people that must have felt inspired like me out of the 23-25 thousand people that attended the event that day is amazing.

When some one does something they are passionate about, the outcome of it can be nothing but ‘awe inspiring’. Don’t you agree?

PS: What did you do for the 4th of July this year?




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