67. Independence.

This weekend, my sister Sru and I went to the Ikea store at Ohio to buy furniture for my future apartment.
If you are aware of the products at Ikea, they are usually material that we need to fix. So, there goes a lot of manual labor and basic engineering to fix any of the furniture bought at Ikea. Unless, you are willing to pay $$-$$$ in delivering and fixing of these products to Ikea.
Anyways, as we got out of the store after purchasing a bed and a book case, I felt sacred that probably my sister and I got over ambitious in buying these products. They were quite heavy and I was worried that we would not be able to lift and place them in our car.Sru told me that we would be just fine.
 So, Sru and I lifted these heavy boxes to place in the car all by ourselves. The task of getting these products home was not easy. But, what was totally worth was the fact that we were both independent and did not depend on any one else to get the job done. 
At the end of the day, I felt really good thinking about how amazing it feels to be independent. Sometimes, being independent dose not mean we can get things done in an easy or fun way but the discomfort or the challenge we undergo in accomplishing the task is totally worth it
The products we got at IKEA. Everything comes in a box at IKEA. 😉




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