61. For, there is a child in all of us.


Today, my sister Sru and I were spending time at home working on crafts as a weekend project. I decided to make something using the Pyssla beads we had. Sru, commented that the pyssla products I was making looked like something a first grader would do. I do agree with Sru, the art I was making was childish….but if it is something that I have never created before and if I was having a good time working on it, why should I not?

Of course, there are other adult projects on my list of things to do that I could work on. But all art projects are therapy according to me and I needed something simple and fun to do (this afternoon)…….no matter how childish it was. ;~)

Moreover, there is no right or wrong time to do anything, unless doing it causes harm to others or ourselves.

Pyssla beads on a pyssla pegboard.


All I want to tell you is, do not be ashamed to do anything that makes you happy. You are never too old to have fun.


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