57. Just a story.

Hi,This happened a couple of days ago…but I want to share it now.

I went to my sister Sru’s work place one evening, as we planned to go somewhere together after her work. I know a couple of people at her work place as I have been living in this place for(-ever) a while now. So, as we were leaving I asked Sru if I could meet and say hi to Lisa who works in the nursing home. Sru told me that Lisa leaves early in the afternoon and maybe I could meet her some other time.

So, Sru and I stopped at a grocery store on our way home. As I was at some aisle checking the numerous varieties of whatever I was planning to buy, Sru comes to me and whispers slowly …Lisa …Lisa. And I was like, ‘WHAT ??’ (When Sru whispers I automatically become loud. :D)

Sru, then points me towards another aisle and says, ‘You wanted to say hi to Lisa, and there she is!!.’

So, Lisa was at the store too!! But how sweet a coincidence it was that I met her after an year….exactly within an hour of wanting to meet her!

 Please, do share if you ever had any such incidents happen to you!


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