52. Do not buy it unless you need it.

Retail therapy: shopping to let out frustration or improve one’s mood, is the easiest form of therapy for me and for most people. The cute-innovative-nice stuff that are always available for sale do not help someone like me who is striving hard to cut back on buying anything that is not needed.
I read somewhere that to keep our living space clutter free, we need to have things that either have ‘functional value’ or ‘meaningful’ to us. So, when ever I plan to buy something I am asking myself,  if I really need that thing or if it is meaningful to me. If it is not, I am not buying it no matter how cute or beautiful it is.
The first step to having a beautiful, clutter free home is to not buy anything that has no significant meaning/function to it.
Keep away from for Sale stuff. You do not have to buy something you do not need, just because you are getting if for a discount.
Yard sale, Indiana. 2015

P.S. Want. Need. Remember they are two different words for a reason.



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