51. It may not be easy, but if it’s right, do it.

Hi,Since many days now, I have been planning to volunteer at the library but have been procrastinating for various reasons. A couple of days ago, my sister (as she normally does) pushed me to fill and submit the volunteer application.

So, today was the first day of my volunteering at the library! It was a great experience though all I really did was shelving the books and fronting.

Library is about a mile from my home and there is a sidewalk for most part of the road leading to the library. Though walking a mile is no big issue to me nor the higher temperatures of Spring/Summer, I felt uneasy walking cause nobody ever walks on the roads, especially given I live in a small town and not a city where public transportation/people walking on the roads is common. As you know, I do not have a car nor valid drivers license yet, so my best means of transportation is by using my two efficient legs. 😛 So, during my walk from home to the library, I was introspecting and was asking myself a couple of questions, such as:

1. Do I like walking on the road, from home to library or library to home?
A. No.
2. Do I like volunteering my time for the benefit of others (and myself)?
A. Yes.
3. In future, would I feel sad thinking about how I used to walk to reach the library or feel great about my experience in the library?
A. Feel good about my experience with volunteering in the library, of course.

So, I have decided that no matter how uneasy or uncomfortable it feels to walk for 15 minutes, I shall focus on the big picture and things that really matter. Sometimes in life, we need to do certain things or undergo certain discomforts for greater good. There is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed for going though such situations, especially when we are doing it for the right reasons and with good intentions.


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