50. Let go.

Hi,Today my sister helped me with cleaning and organizing my closet. Well, she was doing most of the job because I have a hard time cleaning my closet given I can not let go my old clothes. If it was not for her, I would still be hanging on to clothes that are old, not my size, out of trend, and completely not my style.

There were many dresses or outfits in my closet that I did not wore in the last few years,yet I had a hard time throwing/donating them.There were many reasons as to why I still wanted to have these clothes, some are:
1. I had good/happy memories attached to these clothes.
2. I thought there will be a better use of these clothes for me in future.
3. May be I will lose/gain weight and these clothes will be my size and I can wear them.
4. They were a gift for a special occasion or I wore them for a special occasion.
5. And so on.

If it was not for my sister who encouraged (and pushed ) me to throw these clothes away, I would be still holding on to them. Now, I am glad there is more free space in my closet. I can now finally buy clothes that are my size, current trend, and those that I would actually wear. Clothes, that are worth occupying my closet space. But the process of letting go, was really-really difficult.

Sometimes we hold to on to not just clothes that no longer serve us but also people and relationships that no longer have a purpose in our lives. As hard as it maybe, the best and the most reasonable thing to do is to let go such relationships and people. Their purpose in our lives might have been long over, holding on to them only makes it impossible for better relationships to happen with new people in our lives. 

P.S. : Closet or your heart/soul/mind : never fill these places with clothes/people/relationships that do not make you feel good or have no significant purpose in your life.


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