49. Clean house!

Hi,I do not like household chores as much as I like them seeing completed on my checklist. A clean and tidy house is important to me cause I believe when everything is kept orderly and organized it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also brings a mental calmness. Though house cleaning is important, I do not ever suggest that one should be obsessive about it (well, one should never be obsessive about anything/anyone).

The last weekend, me and my sister went out for a weekend trip to a place near us. Packing all the stuff I needed for the trip was as important to me as making sure I leave the house clean and tidy.  So that when we come back home from our trip, we come back to a house with no dirty dishes in the sink, no dirty linen in the laundry, or things out of place…but a neat, tidy, home.

Do you like house cleaning? or Do you like a clean  house more? 😉

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