42. The best moments of life.


The other day, I went for a walk in our sub division. One of our neighbors dog casually walked towards me, and sat beside me as though she knew I was going to pet her. I petted her for a long time, quite surprised that she felt so comfortable with me. Also, I  felt very happy with the progress I made myself, in not being scared of dogs. Not very long ago, I would freak out every time I saw a dog but now I am not only comfortable but glad to be around a dog. 
When I went for the walk that evening, all  I wanted was fresh air and some quiet time for myself to feel better. But, I met this dog, the way she trusted me to pet her made me feel good. The beauty of our lives is that the best moments in life happen when we least expect them and in ways we never imagine. 
Neighbor’s dog that I met during my walk.
Neighbor’s dog that I met during my walk.

P.S. : The dog’s name is Ketah and she is 8 years old!



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