41. Price of memories.


Every year, around this time of the year there is an Annual Historic US 40 Yard Sale from Baltimore to St. Louis which is about 824 miles passing through 6 states. National Road or US 40, was the first major highway built by the Federal Government of USA in the early 1800’s. This road was considered as a gateway to the west for people travelling from the east of USA and for those travelling from west to east coast. 
If we could re-imagine the place our house is located right now to 200 years ago, it would have been buzzing with people and wagons on their long way to the west from east and vice-versa!
History apart, US 40 yard sale is fun and a great learning experience for me and my sister. Though most of the stuff we find for sale are those that are old and used, some times we find great antique things and cute innovative stuff too. Old or new or very antique, all of these things from tdhe yard sale have one thing in common; a story to tell…a history or past attached to them, which I find very interesting.
My sister Sru, and I happened to stop at one of the yard sale tents that was set up. Sru liked the vase that you can see in the photo below, and asked me if I wanted it. I replied in Telugu my native language that, “I do not need it.” The store owner who was an American and can not understand Telugu, looked at me and said, “Yes, you need it!” 
Though I do believe that 80% of our communication is not done through words and that language barrier is no big deal, I was pleasantly surprised. So, I told Sru to get the vase, cause it was only $2 and it did not matter we needed it or not. So Sru, gave the $2 to the store owner and that lady returned Sru $1, saying that it was all she needed. It felt like, she wanted us to have this vase and was being nice to us cause we were being nice to her by buying it.
Holding that vase in the car on our drive back home, I pondered what is the real cost of any thing. The memories associated with it or other factors. And I think few things in our life might be $1 or less, or a couple of $$, they yet posses a great value because of the memories associated with them. And, this vase we got was more valuable than the price we paid for, because the price of memories can not be measured monetarily. 
White vase from the U.S. 40 yard sale.



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