40. Start working on your goals, N.O.W.


Sticky note on the door of my closet, to motivate me when I see in tomorrow morning. :~D

I have 2 months or 60 days before I officially move to Louisville, KY to start my PhD program. I have a list of short term goals to be reached before the end of these 2 months. It’s been a month now since I planned to work on these goals, but I have not made any progress on any of my goals so far. Well, to my rescue, the month of May is the most difficult month of the year for me. All excuses are lame excuses and can not justify the fact that I have not reached the goals I set for myself this month.
So, today I decided to re-plan my goals for the next two months such that I am not being over ambitious. I am planning to write a checklist every morning with the list of things I plan to do for the day and also, write a short journal/checklist every night to note down what I did or did not do as planned for the day. 
Please, feel free to share what you do to stay focused and motivated to do the things you planned to do.

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