38. Shots of Awe!!

Hi,Jason Silva, is one guy that I admire very much. He is a media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker and TV personalty as per his website ‘Jason Silva‘ (<–Click here)at http://thisisjasonsilva.com .

I find Jason Silva’s passion very very inspiring. All the philosophy talk he does is not only profound but his passion is apparent in every word he says. Shots of Awe are a series of short films by Jason Silva which combine philosophy and topics on innovation, technology, creativity, futurism, and the metaphysics of the imagination. Every time I watch one of the short film from shots of Awe, I am left mesmerized with the knowledge, passion and inspiration it offers. I hope, you get a chance to watch it too.

Click on the video above, to open one of the Shots of Awe video. If this video doesn’t play, please try opening it in a web browser.


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