34. Slushie Flavors!

Hi,The other day I went to some festival at West Baden in Southern Indiana. There were many stores with hand made crafts for sale and also food trucks. I love food trucks so very  much given the foodie I am. Since, it was a hot day and we walked for quite a while, we decided to get slushie at one of these make shift tent stores to get ourselves re-hydrated.

This slushie store offered many flavors to choose from. The store owner said that we could try the different flavors they had, before making the final choice. After reading a couple of fancy sounding flavors listed on the menu-board, I decided that I would try the lemon flavor. But Anil, requested me to not try lemon flavor cause that would be silly. He was right, I know what lemon tastes like. 😉 So, finally I choose Iron-man flavor to try and did not really like it. Yes, the slushie store had Spider-man, Superman, Hulk, Iron man and other such flavors. Finally, not knowing what to try, I asked the store owner to suggest her favorite flavor and she said it was superman. Needless to say, I tried Superman and ended up getting a superman slushie.

Sometimes, there are plethora of choices to choose from and when we are uncertain to make one particular choice, there is no harm in taking others help and trying out others favorite. To let others make a choice for you, sometimes could be a very fun thing to do.

P.S. Superman slushie is not made from chopped Superman but his cape, as told by the store owner. (It is actually grapes and other fruits flavor. )

P.P.S. When I said, let others make the choice for you, I meant for fun activities. If it is a life altering or an important choice, you are the only person that you should allow to make a choice for you.

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