33. Visit places that awe you!


Today, we were visiting southern Indiana and happened to visit the ‘West Baden Springs Hotel’ which has a free-spanning dome that is magnificent. This hotel was built in 1902 and was advertised as the eight wonder of the world during that time. It is currently recognized as one of the ‘Historic Hotels of America’.

West Baden Springs is open to public apart from those who want to stay in the hotel. It offers fine dining experience at reasonable prices and also has a couple of stores with pretty jewelry, clothes and other stuff for sale. This place is elegant, calm, well kept and very beautiful. The moment we entered this hotel and the whole time we were here, we felt like we were visiting a different country during a different era.

Few places of history have the power and charm to magically transfer us to places that are beyond our imagination. West Baden Dome is one of those! It is an amazing and awe inspiring experience to be able to visit such places. I hope we all get to visit to as many of such places as possible in our life time.


West Baden Dome, Indiana.
West Baden Dome, Indiana.
West Baden Dome, Indiana.
West Baden dome, Indiana.

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