31. When no help is a big help.

Hi,The other day, I found a baby sparrow chirping and hopping on the ground. A few minutes later, I realized that the baby sparrow was hurt and was hopping. For a while, I was clueless as to help the baby bird or not. Let’s name the baby sparrow ‘Birdie’ in the rest of the following post.

Watching her continuously chirp and hop for a couple of minutes, I finally approached her. The closer I got to Birdie the further she hopped from me, and let me add she is a pretty quick hopper. The Birdie was very nervous of me but I was more of her. I decided to place her in a shoe box aka rescue shelter I made with food, water, leaves and flowers in it.

After further debate on helping or not helping the birdie, I decided to place her in the shoe box.When I finally tried to hold such a tiny bird in my hand, it was a sweet yet scary experience. I did not want to hurt Birdie by holding her and at the same time could not leave her to fend for herself. So, I really had to find a lot of courage within me to convince myself that I would not hurt the Birdie by holding her as much as I would if I left her to fend herself given the fact she was hurt and still  a baby.

When I placed the Birdie in the shoe box, she was still scared. She did not seem to like the leaves/flowers or notice the food and water that was placed for her in the box. The Birdie used the shoe box as a bathroom and nothing else. I was a little upset that Birdie could not understand what I was trying to do for her. After a little while, Birdie seemed to feel a little less scared but still seemed uncomfortable. I reorganized and placed the shoe box in such a way that if she wanted to hop away from the box into bushes nearby, she could. Needles to say, Birdie seemed more than happy to hop away and hide in the bushes nearby.

Though I still felt a little sad that Birdie could not appreciate my efforts to help her, I felt happy knowing that she found shelter near the bushes instead of open space in the grass, given there was a weather forecast of thunderstorms in a couple of minutes.

When I showed my sister Sru, the following photos of the Birdie and my efforts to  help her; Sru said maybe the best help would have been me not helping the Birdie. Though what Sru told me makes sense, I still am not sure if I made the right choice or the wrong choice by placing her in a shoe box. As hard as it is, I think Sru was right; I should have chosen to help the Birdie by letting her help herself instead of making her go through a terrifying experience of getting (wo)man handled.

P.S. After an hour, I went back to see if  Birdie was still hiding in the bushes. She was not. The Biride is safe, probably she flew away or hopped away.

Baby Sparrow (Birdie) hiding in the grass.
The shoe box aka bird rescue shelter.
Birdie hiding in a corner in the shoe box.
Birdie seemed to get a little less scared after a while, yet seemed to be scared of the box/me.
Birdie hiding in the bush. An hour later, I did not find her here or anywhere close by. She probably flew away or well hopped away.

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