30. Do not miss breakfast!

Hi,I am one of those people who finds it super easy to skip breakfast. But, as you and I already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since an year, I have been making sure to not skip breakfast every morning.  Most days I am successful in eating a healthy breakfast and few days I am not. The days on which I eat a healthy breakfast are the days I am more productive.
Following are a few breakfast ideas, from me to you and myself. If you want to share your favorite breakfast recipes or suggestions, please do so!

Ideal breakfast:
Protein + Fruit
Eggs +Fruit
Carbs + Fruit
Bread Toast  + Fruit
Dosa/Idly/Upma + Fruit

Next best thing to ideal breakfast: 
Waffles (with toppings of your choice…)
Fruit (whole fruit or freshly diced fruit)
Pancakes (with toppings of your choice…)
Smoothies/milk shakes

Plan z breakfast suggestions: 
Yogurt (Greek or whatever with low sugar and high protein)
Fruit (fresh or store bought pre-diced/canned)
A glass of fresh juice (Orange/pineapple/watermelon)
Home made fruit smoothie (banana/strawberry/berries)
A glass of store bought juice (Cranberry/apple/other)
A glass of milk (Soy/whole milk/almond milk)
Chocolate milk
Ice-cream (haha, I am kidding this is not a good breakfast idea or well…;~) )


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