29. Make a Mind Map.

Hi,As you must have already understood from a couple of my previous posts, I will be moving to Kentucky in two months. So, I have been house hunting and have scheduled appointments to tour prospective apartments this weekend.  My sister suggested me to make a checklist with all my concerns and questions to ask during this appointment.

I started thinking on what all information I hoped to attain during this apartment tour from the leasing manager or staff, during my appointment. Two minutes into thinking of what information I needed, what questions I needed to ask and other such stuff, it occurred to me to google ‘Checklist during house hunting for rent’. Guess what? I found a couple of checklists that were just perfect and exactly what I needed.

I saved my self 30 minutes by not  making a checklist from scratch but spending a couple of seconds on thinking ‘how to do the task at hand efficiently’. In all, it took me not more than 3 minutes to find the checklist I needed in the Internet. Just because I gave a couple of seconds to collect my thoughts, focus on the expected results of the task at hand,  I was not only able to save myself time but also found a very good checklist.

To do any task efficiently, it is important that we make a ‘Mind Map‘ before we set on doing a task. Mind mapping to me is the concept of mentally visualizing: the task at hand, evaluating the information that is already available, the ideas associated , making connections to the results expected and the actions needed to be taken. If the above two lines confused you, let me explain to you in a simpler way. To do any task efficiently, it is important that we imagine  the results we seek and plan  the action we intend to do before actually executing the task. 

PS:Work smart.


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