28. The bubble of protection.

Hi,In about two months, I will be moving to KY. So, my sister and I have been looking for apartments for me to live once I move to KY.

My checklist when I am looking for an apartment are the following:
1. Location and is rent with in the budget,
2. Fitness Center within the apartment complex
3. Dryer and Washer

The following are the steps that my sister Sru follows when she looks for an apartment for me:
1. Find all the apartments in the town.
 2. Check the amenities the apartment has to offer.
 3. Research on REGISTERED OFFENDERS near each one of these apartments. If she finds any of the offenders with in the 5 mile radius of the apartment, the apartment is off limits for me to stay.

I told Sru, that bad people can become good and good people can become bad on any given day and that we can not predict whom we might meet. The only thing that we can do is be prepared to face any situation and be in a position to protect ourselves.

End of the story: She is now looking into self defense classes for me to take.

I have an amazing sister who is super protective of me and, I of her though she does a better job at it. I have always complained about how very protective my parents and sister have been of me and that I wish to have independence to face my challenges alone and win them. Someday, I know I will have to face all of my challenges all by myself, as I wished for. But the fact that there will be a bubble of protection around me from my family is what gives me the true courage to face any of my challenges.

No matter how much we complain of our parents, siblings or friends who intrude into our lives, are not we glad for the support they give us in all of our struggles and how they cheer us in all of our victories. If you too have people in your life that offer a bubble of protection, please share your story. I would love to read about it.


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