26. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I am not someone who is good at drawing but some one who loves to draw. A few days ago, when I tried to draw something after not drawing for a long time, I realized I could not draw anything that distantly looked like a figure. After a couple of wasted white paper sheets and frustrated efforts, I thought maybe I should give up and never ever attempt to draw because every time I tried to draw something, the result was very disappointing.
Me being me, could not give up and continued to push myself to draw until I felt I was drawing something good. After a while, I realized…the problem was not in the way my drawings were but in my expectation of how they should be. Good or bad, every figure we draw has a story and often expresses more than words do. If nothing, drawing relaxes the mind.
So, today’s lesson for myself was that, ‘I need to stop being obsessively self-critical of myself ‘. Sometimes, the things we create may not reach our standards of perfectionism but sometimes, being genuine is more important than being perfect.
Random drawing …………



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