24. Gift giving 101

This morning, my sister-Sru and I met a special friend of ours- mama J, who was in town visiting from North Carolina. She gifted Sru and me a pretty garden fairy. Check the photo to the right. This was a sweet present for various reasons, few being that: 1. we were not expecting a gift, 2. Sru and I have been into garden fairy stuff lately, so this was a well-thought out present and 3. This fairy has dragon-fly like wings, which has a special significance given the fact that mama J loves anything dragon fly.
There are many occasions that we come across during which we struggle or have to think hard to get a well thought out present to others. I have listed a few points below, that might help you gift someone. Please feel free to add more points if you can think of.
1. The cost of the gift does not matter. Remove the price tag, no matter what.
2. Try to learn what the person you are gifting might be interested in receiving, if not read point number 3.
3. Try to gift something that is of significance to you, which the person receiving might like too.
4. Wrap the gift nice or place the gift in a gift box/bag. Remember, presentation matters.
5. Do not gift money unless you are pretty sure the receiver might be happy to receive it.
Garden fairy gifted by Mama J.

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