20. The right approach.

Hi,The other day, I was talking on face-time with mom. Mom, told me that there was some issue with the Facebook app in her ipad and that she could not locate it anywhere. Mom is not completely aware with all the ‘hows’ of using an ipad. I patiently tired to explain her and suggest various things she could do to fix the issue.  Mom kept telling me that, there was some issue with her ipad and that she tried everything but nothing seemed to fix it. No matter what I suggested her to do, mom felt it would not fix the issue. The whole time, I was trying to help mom, she kept expressing her frustration that this issue was unfix able. After a couple of minutes, Mom gave up trying and started working on something else in the other room.

Kali, my sister being the techie she is and also the kind of person who never gives up on a challenge, asked me to help her fix the issue. She said that she could fix it, and calmly followed everything I told her. With in a couple of minutes, she was able to fix the issue. When Mom returned to speak to me on Facetime, she was surprised to find that Kali was able to fix the issue.

I did not tell Kali anything differently than what I told Mom. But the reason Kali was able to fix the issue but mom could not was because of the simple fact that Kali believed, ‘The issue was fixable’, where as Mom did not.

We fail even before actually failing, if we believe the outcome of a task we do is going to be bad/negative. If we approach an issue with a positive mindset and try our best, the result maybe just what we wanted,  no matter what odds are against it.


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