19. Dislike but for the right reasons.


Butter-finger  bar and Peanut butter cups.

I did not eat Peanut butter cups or butter finger candy bars, for the simple reason that they had peanut butter in them. “I felt“, I would just not like the taste of it. Every time I had the opportunity to eat one of these candies in the last 4 years, I avoided it. I loathed them and even the thought of eating one of these candies disgusted me.

A couple of days ago, I for some reason ate my first butter-finger and peanut butter cup. Surprisingly, I loved them.

Sometimes, we dislike people or doing certain activities with out any real reason. It is a good idea to put aside all our baseless assumptions and prejudice, have a little faith and try new activities …..because sometimes they might end up being our favorite new actives/people.



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