17. Make a wise choice.

Hi,The other day, we went to a local ice-cream shop. This shop was more like an ice cream buffet with 33 flavors of ice-cream and a wide variety of toppings and syrups to choose from. At first I was quite excited to know of all the choices I had but with in a few minutes, I realized how overwhelming a task it was for me to chose a simple serving of ice-cream. I ended up getting a couple of flavors and a couple of toppings in my ice cream bowl. As I sat down to eat it, I realized I did not actually like any of the flavors or topping I chose. More than enjoying my ice cream that day, I could not stop but wonder how I failed at making a good choice.

I believe that the opportunity to make a choice and select one option from two or more options is the best opportunity and true freedom a person can ever have. It is so very important that we take a calculated and analyzed approach before making our final choice. Sometimes, making a choice at a whim is fun and makes life adventurous but it is a good idea to always give a thorough thought before deciding on something.


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