16. Be an open-minded listener.

Hi,When my sister Sru suggested that it would be a nice idea to place a shelf and other furniture (that we temporarily stored in the garage) in my room, I was appalled. I knew for sure that it would be a bad idea. I wanted my room to be left the way it was. My sister being the person she is, suggested that she would make changes to my room and if I did not like any of the modifications she made, she would place everything like before. No matter what she said, I was very upset and decided to go out for a walk and let her do what ever she wanted to.

A hour of walking in fresh air and or taking time to think for myself  made me introspect and wonder, if I overreacted. It was after all a room and the changes made to it were not unchangeable or life changing. I felt bad for being rude and unnecessarily mad at Sru. I decided to put aside my ego and tell her ‘Sorry’, for being a deaf listener to her suggestions and criticizing her ideas.

When I came home and went to my room, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I ‘loved’ all of the changes that Sru made to my room. But when she said she would re-modify my room to look like before the changes she made that evening, I told her to leave it the way it was. I neither told her ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ that day, which I must have had.

Sometimes, we tend to be so occupied with our own thoughts and ideas on how things should be that we tend to ignore others inputs. Sometimes, these inputs are worth more than our best ideas. Listen with a neutral mindset when others express their suggestions and not with the notion that you are going to hate what ever they tell you.


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