15. When plans go awry.

Hi,I graduated with a masters degree and I am in the USA on my f1/student visa. I got accepted into a PhD program a couple of weeks ago (yay, I know right). I went to BMV to get my driver’s license extended as it expires along with my initial F1-OPT document. Since, I got my I20/admission document for PhD and my F1 visa got automatically extended, I thought it would be a cakewalk to get my driver’s license renewed.

Program gap issue explained.

Unfortunately, the staff at BMV told me that they can not renew my license until the day my PhD program begins. So until then, that is the next 3 months, I would have to live with an expired drivers license. After a couple of minutes of Internet search (yup, I have become an expert at finding what I went in the Internet without consuming a lot of time), I came to better understand the reason as to why my license was not renewed. Check the screen shot to the right.

Program gap issue or whatever issue, my plan of getting my license renewed did not go as planned. I had made so many plans on becoming an expert driver (as I have not driven much all these days) and to go places far and away.

I felt disappointed for a couple of hours but then I realized, there is nothing that we can really do when our best laid plans go awry. All, we can do is re-plan and make the best of  our time, and not be upset over something that we can not change.



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