13. Smart phone: do you really need it 24/7 ?

Hi,The other day, I was at the laundromat with quite a load of blankets to wash and dry. I tried to keep myself occupied with a book and my iphone, as I waited for the 30 minute wash cycle to end. Though, reading the book was my plan, I ended up spending most of my time with my smart phone… browsing stuff that was not really important. A couple of minutes after keeping myself engrossed with my phone, I happened to lift my head and turn ( for no reason at all), to see some stranger standing a couple of feet way from me and staring at me. The moment, I looked at him he gave me a very sweet smile and I did too. The way that guy looked at me, I could tell he was waiting for me to look at him to greet. In that very instance, I felt guilty. Guilty for being in public and yet being so aloof.

Smiles and hellos, I believe are the most important basic elements necessary to make the community we live in, a happy-welcoming place and in turn make the world a better place.That incident at the laundromat, made me decide that I should not use my phone unless absolutely necessary when in public.

Do you have a smart phone? Do you give a second thought before checking your smart phone in public or in the presence of others? What are your suggestions on owning a smart phone and yet maintaining healthy- normal relationships with people in your immediate surrounding?

P.S. Greet everyone you meet, at all times and all places.



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