11. Advice to self.

Hi,A couple of months ago, on a sleepless night, retrospecting on my life so far I came up with the following note for myself. Every time I feel low or lost with out direction in life, I read this note and tell myself  that it’s all going to be okay.

I am sharing this with you, hoping it might help you in some way or the other.

“Climb the trees, hike the mountains, swim the ocean, travel to unknown places, meet new friends, cherish old memories, let go, never give up, laugh hard, cry softly, count the stars, watch the firebugs on a dark night, dance in the rain, learn a new language, never stop believing, dreams come true if you try…hard enough, be grateful, be kind, be happy, be silly, fake a smile, don’t fake a smile, be you, love pure, trust, have faith, pray, hope, seek help, help others, try not to judge, listen to heartbeat, listen to silence, follow your gut, celebrate every success, learn from your mistakes, ask for forgiveness, forgive, don’t be hard on yourself, you are beautiful…inside and out, support those who seek your help, it’s okay to say no, fulfill all your promises, never give up on your dreams, don’t be afraid of a change, everything is going to be okay, have fun, live to the fullest, enjoy the journey of life.”


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