9. Don’t be a ZOMBIE.


My father’s most favorite quote that he tells me all the time is : ‘Early to bed and early to rise.’ I have always been one of those persons who is more active/creative/happier in the night. Though I have always wanted and tried to incorporate my father’s advice, I could not. My sleeping schedule has always been unhealthy.

So the other day, in hopes of improving my sleeping habits, I download an app called LARK in my iPhone. This app, is basically like what Siri is to an iPhone. Lark, interacts with the user, takes the input from the user on what food they consume and most importantly makes a note of the user’s sleeping patterns.

After reading a report on my sleep  patterns for the week, I had quite a reality check. Check the photo to the right. Yup, Lark is right. I have been sleeping so few hours a day these days.

I think it is high time I stop living like a zombie and start living (read sleeping) like a normal human.


Screen shot of Lark app.

If you want to share tips on how to sleep healthy/better or about your sleeping issues, please feel free to do so. I would love to know, I am not the only Zombie around here.



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