8. Take not more than what you need.


Dandelions in the yard!

Almost, everyday I speak to my parents and Kali on face-time to try to decrease the distance of 7,600+ miles between us and keep one another included in our everyday lives.

Anyways, this morning, I was showing Kali the dandelions that bloomed in our yard. Kali, loves yellow colored flowers. So, she was really excited to see our yard full of dandelions. To give her a closer look of the dandelions, I plucked one and showed it to her. She was happy to get a closer look of the flower. After awhile, I threw away the flower in my hand and was about to pluck one more. Kali was aghast with my action. With a shocking look on her face, she started to explain me that, I should not waste flowers unnecessarily. She went on to explain that, I should not be taking more than what was needed.

Later that day, I could not help but wonder how profound Kali’s message was. Why should we even consider taking ‘something’ (not just dandelions) we do not need, just to throw it away??

P.S. One dandelion saved implies that at-least one bee/bug did not go hungry. ;~)


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