7. Results…all that matters.

Hi,Laundry, to me is the most boring chore to do. I try to listen to all of my favorite songs or watch a favorite program or eat my favorite foods or do anything I can to filly my head with happy thoughts but nothing really helps. No matter what I do, laundry always remains to be the most boring task.

I did my laundry today as usual wondering if ever this task could end up being less tedious of a chore. After all the washing, drying, sorting and organizing the clothes in the closet, I realized something. Every time after finishing the laundry, I always have a great time. The fact that my clothes are now fresh and clean, and that the laundry bin is empty, brings great joy to me. I detest the laundry task but love the results it brings.

There are many tasks in life that we do, not because we enjoy them but because we know the results of  these tasks when completed bring us great joy. All we need to do is figure out a way to make these boring or less enjoyable tasks much more enjoyable and interesting.



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