6. Signs or coincidence ?


Insomnia or not, my sleeping habits have been poor for the last couple of weeks. So, this afternoon, I just felt so lethargic that I decided to take an afternoon nap. I thought I would wake up feeling energetic but I did not expect that….well, read on.
During my nap, I was lucid dreaming.
More on lucid dreaming later but let me explain what it is briefly. Lucid dreaming (LD), is basically a dream in which the dreamer is aware that  he/she is dreaming. With practice and a few techniques, one can control the dream. Sounds, strange huh? Well, the first time I had a LD…it was a scary experience. I woke up feeling terrible. I read more on the subject of LD. It is actually a fun thing…..if one is able to control it. I have been able to control a couple of lucid dreams lately. 
Walking on a windy day!
Anyways, so during my nap, I had a lucid dream. I was in front of this house with a barn to it’s left and a car/truck parked in front. This house was on a farm, a corn field  to the right of the house with an harvested crop. There were no other houses in sight. No people or roads or anything. I think my hair was let down loose. The sky was clear with blue passing clouds and it was very windy. I was standing with my arms stretched out on either side, enjoying the wind. At this point, I realized I was lucid dreaming and I started to prolong my dreaming experience. The feeling of wind against my skin was fabulous. It made me feel happy, great and peaceful. I know I was dreaming and I did not wanted it to end. It was a beautiful experience that can not  be explained in words. Finally, I woke up and my thought waking up was that it’s such an irony that I am dreaming of having this fabulous experience with the wind when in fact it was a windy day outside. I love how my mind works, how it processes all the information from it’s surroundings…no matter I am focusing on something or not. 
In the evening, my potter class got postponed and I decided to make use of my free time and go for a walk. And, guess what?! As I walked, the wind was blowing…………and I had another fabulous experience, this time for real. I felt refreshed and quite rejuvenated after my walk in the wind! Nature, is truly amazing. It’s therapy to the soul.

When, I shared my dream and how it came true during my walk, with my sister, she told me that it was not a coincidence but a sign. I think she is right, there are always signs everywhere around us, guiding us to the destination we need to reach. But are we willing to trust these sings and guide us ??


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