4. Pleasant and Cheerful.

Hi,The weather is getting warmer but it’s been chilly and raining most of the day. The grass is turning greener and it definitely feels like spring. In the spirit of spring, we (my sister and I) decided to re-decorate my room to pleasant and brighter colors, more in alignment with the mood of the season. We got new curtains and bed sheets so far, and the room looks more cheerful already.

I have been anxious over the past couple of weeks, with so many different things going on in life. So, this change of settings in my room was a change I much appreciated. Though yellow is one of my least favorite colors, this shade of yellow seems pleasant.

So today, I was contemplating on how updating our living space can effect us in a positive way. Just like the way we update our living space to reflect positivity, we need to sometimes update our minds too ….with more cheerful and positive thoughts. Being anxious or not, what’s destined to happen is going to happen after all.

New bed sheets and moonshine!
New Curtains


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