3. You have what you need.


The other day, I started baking cookies from the cookie mix packet bought at a store. I am an amateur baker who wants professional results with anything I cook/bake. So, on realizing I did not had a cookie dropper at home, I fretted for a while and then came up with the idea of using two spoons to function as a cookie dropper. I was able to drop a couple of cookie dough mounds on the cooking sheet and my idea seemed to work great. But I soon realized, I did not necessarily had to use a cookie dropper (store bought/home invented) to drop equal amounts of cookie dough on the sheet. I could use  my own two hands, to make equal sized cookie dough balls. And, I just did that. The cookies baked just fine and were all almost identical in size and shape.

As someone once said, ‘The best tools you could ever use in a kitchen are your own hands.’

Cookie dough on cookie sheet.
White chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies

Sometimes, we over think on what we lack and forget to see what we already have, which is all that we needed in the first place to fulfill our purpose.



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