2. There’s no going back.


I got this lucky bamboo plant (see the picture below) over an year ago at Ikea. Looking at this bamboo plant grow from a stalk with two leaves to a stalk with two shoots with many leaves, gave me so much inspiration and courage.

Lucky bamboo plant with yellowing leaves.

Last week, I carelessly placed the bamboo plant outside in direct sunlight and forgot all aboutIMG_4106 it until next morning. Since then, the leaves and stalk have been turning yellowmuch to my dismay. I felt very sad knowing I was responsible for almost killing my favorite plant and hoped it would survive somehow. The plant seemed to die a little more as each day was passing. So, I did a little Internet research and learnt more about taking care of a lucky bamboo plant. I had two options: 1. Leave the plant alone and hope it heals itself instead of rotting. 2. Propagate the shoots of the plant, and hope the mother stalk and both the shoots survive, and grow into three individual plants.

I took a leap of faith and decided to go with option 2. In a couple of days, I will know if the shoots develop roots or not.

The lesson I learnt, sometimes in life there is no going back. All we can do is, evaluate the damage,  pick up the pieces and do the best we can to move forward.


Lucky bamboo shoots, placed in a jar for regrowth.



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